Survivor by robv


A western Pond Turtle wearing battle scars from a predator encounter. I've seen Bobcat in the same area and the punctures appear to be spaced appropriately.
What a capture! I did not know Bobcats could puncture a turtle's shell like this! Turtles have more predators than I knew about.
June 12th, 2011  
Wow!! Really cool catch
June 12th, 2011  
Great catch...
June 12th, 2011  
Wow, he might have some scars, but it looks like that shell saved him!
June 12th, 2011  
So that's a western pond turtle. So many non-native around. "My" bobcats would never do something like this, ha! Actually I saw a pic of a bobcat wrestling a kingsnake once, so this doesn't surprise me. Nice shot!
June 13th, 2011  
I wonder if it has a matching set of canine (feline? ;o) marks on the underside? Bet that hurt, at least a little.
June 14th, 2011  
Aww, well, that's what shells are for, I guess. The bobcat would have to be pretty hungry to go after a turtle. Scarce food supply around there?
June 16th, 2011  
Aw! poor baby! very nice shot.
June 25th, 2011  
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