A terrible pattern... by robz

A terrible pattern...

Apparently they line dams with clay to stop them from leaking. This is what happens when they dry out - I guess the cracks just close up again if we ever get enough rain to reach the dam.
Oh wow, this tells a story.
September 21st, 2019  
it's getting too frightening ...
September 21st, 2019  
Well, nice patterns in the meanwhile.
September 21st, 2019  
I remember those cracks only too well!!
September 21st, 2019  
September 22nd, 2019  
I've seen this sight far, far too often. Very serious stuff.
September 22nd, 2019  
And yes, the cracks do close up with water.
September 22nd, 2019  
@777margo Hi Margo - do they just close up again? I guess they'll need a lot of water to do that?
September 22nd, 2019  
@golftragic LOL Marnie - I just read your comment after replying to Margo - so you have answered my question. Thanks for the info - I worried that the structure of the dam may have been damaged.
September 22nd, 2019  
@robz Yes a lot of water
September 23rd, 2019  
Really tells a story !
September 24th, 2019  
It looks terrifying and beautiful at the same time.
September 27th, 2019  
Worrying so early in the season.
October 1st, 2019  
Gosh, that is parched! Hope you get rain soon
October 2nd, 2019  
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