Just about to tuck in by rosiekind

Just about to tuck in

I'm not too impressed with this shot but I did have a long walk all the way up to Hill Farm this morning. However, this new mirrorless camera is not what I expected it to be. Personally, I prefer my D500 and I suspect that I shall get that out and use it more. Why I bothered with mirrorless I don't know when I was more than happy with what I had. Silly me!

Anyway, I have had 2 long chats with Amazon over the past couple of days because my new kindle bought on 26 May has gone completely wrong and will not work at all. I only bought another one because they said my old one would stop working! I have had the old one for years and it has never let me down but I can't download any new books on it as it's past it's sell by date! Ugghhh. They have said that they will send me a replacement which is what they said yesterday but have now agreed to do so when I couldn't understand why it said that it would be repaired. Why do you have to fight so much for things!!!

Rant over - I will post another photo on my Bits and Bobs album of a collage I found the other day but in the meantime, thank you for getting yesterday's bunny on PP and for all your kind comments and Favs. It is always very much appreciated.

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