Went up in the woods to clear away some vegetation growing up all over the shop. Need to return to the business some other day soon, when I get home from sea.
This snap concludes the two first films in this 365 series, and we will have to wait for around four weeks until the next batch of frames will be ready for posting.
i definitely hope you post alternates in your other folder, its the habit thing, uploading daily you get more out of the friendly community here and i would like to see what else you shoot :)
posted April 2nd, 2017  
Oh... never thought about it in that way @kali66 but I definately see your point!
I got something like a million snaps in the archives, so should be able to keep things running for a century or so if I do a bit of digging. The dates will be totally out of control though, just so you know.
I'll keep them coming in some sort of way in the other folder then, just to keep things going, and post over here when I got the next film developed. Would that count as some sort of deal? :))
posted April 2nd, 2017  
:) i get attached to people haha
posted April 2nd, 2017  
Fair enough @kali66 :))
I sort of know very well what you mean.
I'll try my best to find something suitable for the days I can't post stuff from the 365 project then :)
posted April 2nd, 2017  
I just wish I could figure out how to post to the other folder @kali66 ??
Do I have to set the other one as the Default album for a moment, or is there any other way to get the deed done?
posted April 2nd, 2017  
@roykarlsvik there is a dropdown box where you enter the details for the photo, you can select which album there
posted April 2nd, 2017  
Yes, I just found out and posted a test @kali66
Thanks a lot anyway for the reply as I was getting a bit frustrated there for a moment :)
posted April 2nd, 2017  
Interesting image that captures everything about what it means to have to clear growth. Sort of a portrait of the chain saw.
I agree with Kali re the importance of the daily habit in Year 1. Welcome to 365.
posted April 9th, 2017  
Looks like you have a nice job to do.
Thank you for you visit and you so nice comment. Much appreciated.
posted April 9th, 2017  
Thank you @taffy
I'm trying to post daily even though a 365 on film automatically is a piece of work cut into pieces of around ten films or so.
I got a big enough archive to keep on posting stuff in my other folder, so I'll go for that sollution :)
Thanks for your comment and the time spent.
posted April 11th, 2017  
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