abc-q = Quench by rrt

abc-q = Quench

Quench my thirst with a large Quantity of water, more than a few Quarts I would guess.
WOw, you must have a powerful thirst!
March 10th, 2010  
March 10th, 2010  
Hahahahaha. :-)
March 10th, 2010  
HA, thats great.... Where do you find such a large glass?
March 10th, 2010  
Tulips were delivered in the glass(large vase) to someone my wife knows, and the person did not wanbt to keep the vase
March 10th, 2010  
Ha! Clever.
March 10th, 2010  
hahaha this thing looks HEAVY! cleaver photo!
March 11th, 2010  
That's the most clever photo! Priceless!
March 11th, 2010  
Really a funny shot. Good use of your imagination :o)
March 11th, 2010  
Now thats what you call a huge pint! Just as well its water and not some other stronger stuff!
March 11th, 2010  
Thanks to all for your comments, I sure didn't get much sleep that night===
March 11th, 2010  
hahaha, was he drinking clean water? or vase water?
March 13th, 2010  
you look like you're in 'honey i shrunk the kids' or something!
March 14th, 2010  
March 18th, 2010  
i hope you didn't drink it all at once well no wunder the frequent trips you had to make i guess
April 6th, 2010  
WooHoo! I showed my DH and he was surprised - I told him it would be a vase. Brilliant thinking Richard.
May 7th, 2010  
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