Slippery by runner365


Cobbles, snow and bikes, a recipe for disaster one should think. However everybody seems to handle it just fine.

I love the contrast here, Claes! (and also the courage of the bikers...)
February 8th, 2017  
Nice capture. I was always fascinated during my Scandinavian visits by the folks who would ride their bicycles through snow and over ice.
February 9th, 2017  
I imagine the snow is less slippery than just wet cobbles would be. I certainly looks rather bleak and wintry.
February 9th, 2017  
@vignouse I'm not sure about that. I tend to feel ok biking on wet cobbles while saying my mantra "don't touch the front brake, don't touch the front brake ..." however snow make me tense and stiff and not touching any of the brakes, which kind of makes it a little complicated to ride a bike
. @domenicododaro @stray_shooter depends on the bike. I don't mind riding a MTB on ice/snow but my current ride with 23 mm slick roadbike tires are simply not made for this, or I'm just getting old ;-)
February 12th, 2017  
I wouldn't like to ride a bike in conditions like that!
February 14th, 2017  
@yrhenwr Exactly!
February 16th, 2017  
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