Afternoon by runner365


A cold and wet day in Copenhagen.

To compensate for the weather I'm going to work these days in bright red dungarees and a grey knitted jumper, so I get a lot of love and warmth from the pupils.
Funny enough the youngest kids (and some fellow teachers) are the ones having most problems grasping this silly old teachers strange clothes.
haha good for you bright and cheery
December 5th, 2017  
Definitely looks a bit grey and grim - your dungarees should brighten things up though ;-)
December 5th, 2017  
In the UK you would probably get sent home! This pic is cheery enough.. I like it
December 6th, 2017  
@kali66 @vignouse Thanks, I did feel pretty bright commuting by train to work - almost luminescent.
@yrhenwr Oh I,ve done worse :-) once I was told (I refused when asked) to dismantle a complete theatre setup because a collegue couldn't move a school party with 23 small kids and their parents to another room - only to reassemble the whole setup the next day in order to premiere the play the same evening.
On top of that I had to spend my weekend calling all the parents telling them that the premiere was postponed from Monday to Tuesday and hope they were able to show up and see their kids.
I didn't complain at work but I did paint a t-shirt with the inscription "I'm the magic man", referring to the fact that I was able to move a premiere one day (two days before) and do the dismantling/reassemble while others weren't able to move to another location, and wore it for a week.
The principal wasn't happy but chose to avoid any confrontation.
(Sorry for the long tale)
December 6th, 2017  
good for you, gentle rebellion
December 6th, 2017  
I can relate to your tale. 16 years old, at a convent boarding school and I had an external Music exam which happened to be on a Saturday of half term w/e. I asked the Sister Cecilia, the Headmistress for an extra day as I would miss the flight if I did the Music exam. She refused. I refused to do the Music exam. A couple of days later, she sent for me. 'Conversation' went something like this. Margaret, I see you have a Music exam on Saturday and that you wouldn’t be able to leave until the afternoon, or even Sunday. So as not to deprive you of time with your family, I suggest you come back a day later.

After this we had a healthy respect for each other, chatted together on walks until she was summoned to Mission work in Zambia and we wrote to each for at least a year thereafter!

Claes, please don't be sorry. Quite the opposite for me! These shared glimpses reduce the distances between us (all) bring mutual benefit.
December 6th, 2017  
December 7th, 2017  
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