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I'm an amateur photographer, hoping to learn some new things by doing this project, without the pressure of making my photographs suitable for competitions!

"I'm a badass superhero mum and teaching assistant, and when I am not cooking super nice food and being gently encouraging, I do good deeds and stuff. Love me! I'm spectacular! "

It is possible that my daughter may have typed this "about" section because I couldn't think of what to put. IT'S JUST POSSIBLE!

Update August 2013:
Six months in, and after a slightly erratic start I am really enjoying this! Thanks to everyone who makes this such a great community. I've now started exploring the challenges and themes.
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Made the "Meanwhile..." album.

Update January 2015;
Managed to complete 365 in just over a year, then had a break, then had illness and surgery and pretty much lost interest for several months. I did look in from time to time - back for another 365 now. Sad to see some old familiar faces no longer here but I'm looking forward to a year of making new friends and lots of camera-based entertainment.