London4Lebanon by ruthmouch


The London Protest
Day 10
Distance does not diminish our pain and anger, our hearts are heavy, we spend hours following live news streams and how badly we wish that we could be in Lebanon.
We stand in solidarity with the thousands in Lebanon demanding the resignation of our corrupt officials, demanding change and a new era. Too many have left to find work and to live abroad, too many remain at home breaking under multiple electricity bills, a crashing economy and an uncertain future.
Our children deserve better, as do we. If we don't cause that change now then we consign our children to the misery that we have suffered so long.
A country filled with so many creative, enduring and educated people can certainly find new faces to lead us !
Lebanon, NOW is the time!
To those women standing on the front lines, we salute you, to the soldiers in our army you are our family and we feel your pain.
We are all one Lebanon, under one flag!
Beautiful, brilliant capture of the spirit of the protest and hope for the future. FAV
October 27th, 2019  
Poignant and heart rending
October 28th, 2019  
Your photo is a fabulous illustration that tells a wonderful story
November 2nd, 2019  
Wonderful! Fav
November 13th, 2019  
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