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I've been using slr cameras for a long time, I bought my first one at the time my first child was born, a totally manual Pentax, the quality of the photos blew my mind away and i used to enjoy doing the darkroom bit. Last year I treated myself to a digital slr, before going on a couple of special trips. It's a canon eos 550D, i'm still exploring all it's capabilities, but i love the combination of digital and slr, I like the feel of it in my hands, the satisfying clunk of the mirror moving, and of course the results and the luxury of taking as many shots as i like!
My daughter took up my love of photography and i really like her work! She started an album here and encouraged me to make one too, so here I am. It will be quite an achievement if i manage to stick with this for a whole year, my life is littered with projects I plunge into and don't get round to finishing. But so far, it is very nice to give myself time in the day to take photos, very relaxing and thought provoking.
I'm not going to say any more here, you'll learn more about me through my photos.