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Today is Day 1 of Year 2. Delighted to have achieved this and couldn't have done it without universal support from 365 members. Thank you, one and all! Being a glutton for punishment...here I go again.
So whar's the motivation for Year 2? Good question...and I have no good answer. I like it here, it's a self imposed discipline to learn and enjoy something I hadn't expected, especially as I'm a technophobe. That said, this year, needs must learn and understand how to make the most of my camera and Get Geeky!

Day 29 on the block, still wet behind the ears, yet feel the need to up my game. Have launched a second album entitled "Cutting Room Floor", aka the best of the rest AND/OR something serendipitous for my inner child. Whilst I don't intend to post in Album 2 every day, I will post at least once a week.

Hope you'll hang on in there with me!