Keep paddling by sabresun

Keep paddling

"Love many. Trust few, always paddle your own canoe."

As far as I know, this quote is from a song.


I've travelled about a bit in me time.
Of troubles I've seen a few.
I found it far better in every clime
to paddle me own canoe.

Me wants they are small. I care not at all.
Me debts they are paid when due.
I drive away strife from the ocean of life,
and paddle me own canoe.

And I have no wife to bother me life,
no lover to prove untrue.
The whole day long I laugh with the song
and paddle me own canoe.

So love everybody, trust only the few,
as the world I go travelling through,
and never sit down with a tear and a frown,
but paddle your own canoe.

This song goes on forever and I won't bore you with the
remainder of it, suffice to say it paddles on and on (and on) ;)
I like it.
January 30th, 2011  
lovely composition nice one cool shadow on the wall
January 30th, 2011  
Very nice wood carving. BUT your saying is right on the money. Goes along with- " If you teach a man to fish, he can eat forever."
January 30th, 2011  
@nectarfizz @emer Thank you.

@ladydi Yes, I bought the tribal boat carving earlier this year. The quote gave me an opportunity to use it. :)
January 31st, 2011  
lovely shot , lovely boat carving
January 31st, 2011  
@flamez Thanks very much, appreciate the comments.
February 1st, 2011  
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