Dune, Arrakis, desert planet. by sabresun

Dune, Arrakis, desert planet.

I've always liked the book Dune, and wanted to try to do a little tribute to it.

I used a sock for the worm crawling over the book and clone stamp to make it look similar-ish (yeah, I know it still looks like a sock :P) to the one from the book illustration. It took some doing, but was quite fun.

Nb - Due to limited resources (i.e bowl of water and a sock) the majesty of the desert and the mighty dunes are subject to your imagination. :)
Too fun! I love how much creativity and enjoyment you put into your projects every day! Besides, who doesn''t love Dune!
February 19th, 2011  
Weird - we were just talking about Dune and how it inspired Star Wars and Avatar and to what degree. Have to work out how to collage photos!
February 19th, 2011  
@tford Thanks Trisha, I didn't get this one quite how I wanted it to be, but anyhow was enjoyable to try out.

@giselle I think Dune has probably influenced a lot of modern day sc-fi with its mix of common sense zen philosophy, courage and overcoming the odds by being the 'chosen one'. Come to think of it that sounds like the theme to J K Rowling's series too. :)

Try Photoscape to collage photos. It's free and pretty easy to use.
February 19th, 2011  
great collage wonderful shots full of imagination
February 19th, 2011  
I did like the movie and your creative pic.
February 19th, 2011  
@emer @pyrrhula Ah, you're very kind. Bekki thinks the water looks like someone peeing in a cup and the worm, well, you can guess that one! I was trying to show that water was precious like gold or something like that, I should have tinted it blue, but it was late and Photoscape was being a little intractable to put it delicately :)
February 21st, 2011  
Very cool!
February 21st, 2011  
sweet! fun series! oh man, haven't read those books in many many years...went through the whole series and loved them all. may have to do that again one of these days.....um, after my 365 is up...who has time to read now? ;-)
February 26th, 2011  
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