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I am a retired music teacher who would rather take pictures than be in them. I used a Minolta 35mm forever, took mostly slides. I scanned all my slides into my computer. I received a Nikon D90 for a retirement present & I've been deleting shots ever since. LOL I joined 365 in Nov. 2011 & have met so many wonderful people. Thru their shots I've been introduced to beautiful and unique places around the world!!! Sorry I've been away for a while. Computer problems and just needed a break I guess. Hope to get back to putting up photos next week as I'm off on a cool vacation.
If everyone viewed the world thru a lens, like we do, maybe people would realize that no matter where you go on earth, humans are really all the same. They all want to live their lives surrounded by happiness, love, joy, family and peace. Hope you enjoy my shots because I really enjoy yours.!!!!! To view my Trending Page shots click this tag: mso'stp To view my Popular Page shots click this tag: mso'spp.