Oyster Catchers en masse by sandradavies

Oyster Catchers en masse

Recently I drove up the Thames coast Coromandel and at Te Puru beach 100's of oyster catcher birds were waiting along the water’s edge. These are a pretty bird with lovely white bellys I have only ever seen them in pairs.

The Oyster Catcher was previously shot for food until 1922 when they were protected due to low numbers. They are long-lived, with some birds reaching 30+ years of age. Adults show high fidelity to mate and many breeding pairs remain on territory year-round, but some join flocks of pre-breeders for the autumn and early winter, typically at larger estuaries.

I suspect these birds are a pre breeding flock since it is late summer here.
How nice to see so many all in one place. We have them in the UK but, like you, I've only ever seen them in pairs or small groups.
February 16th, 2020  
What beautiful beaks they have !
February 17th, 2020  
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