Good morning Tui by sandradavies

Good morning Tui

A frost walk this morning and time to stop and catch the backside of this tui singing above me. I went nuts at how close it was. The ear phones dropped out and people passing me on the track thought I was 'nuts' too.
I really have to either walk or capture the moment. If I stop I will never get to the end of my long Te Araroa walk.
Still a wonderful moment.
Are Tui are very rare bird ? It must be very precious !
June 23rd, 2021  
@fr1da Tui are easily heard especially early morning. For me, a stompy walker they tend to fly before I get to enjoy them. To see one up close and stay I guessed was a juvenile. There was already a white throat on this bird.

But to answer your question, no not rare but precious.
June 25th, 2021  
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