Laura's birthday cake creation

The only credit I take for this photo is the recipe for sticky toffee pudding which Laura used for the middle layer. And the lovely dribbled sauce on top!
She has a reputation at work for great cakes but is learning to say no when she has 'too much on her plate!!!!' This was for a good friend!
She messaged me for my recipe last week and today she sent the photo. There was very little over to take home with them!!!
Three good things
1. Found a few 'lost' things in my classroom.
2. Great maths session with P7 class.....they're all taller than I am and this was the first time I had the group! Felt pleased 😊
3. On the train to Aberdeen for a 'Teachers who read' get together. I always feel inspired by the enthusiasm they share.
Wow - a great creation. Wish I could attend your ‘teachers who read’ get together - so important to read to kids!
posted November 14th, 2018  

This is amazing. It reminds me of those incredible cakes Nicole Campbell would bake and post on 365. I miss her! Reading is so good for us. “How to Read a Book” by Mortimer J Adler, is such a great book for anyone who loves to read. A friend of mine and I are huge Adler fans, he’s such a fine writer.
posted November 14th, 2018  
@dide @louannwarren thank you for your lovely comments. The young teachers are so passionate and full of energy and it's infectious.
I take photos of the books they bring along and then I usually buy some.....but must start encouraging school to buy the others!!!
posted November 14th, 2018  
Laura's cake looks delicious.
Love your #3.
posted November 14th, 2018  
They do like the dribbling round the sides look nowadays! A yummy looking cake!
posted November 14th, 2018  
posted November 14th, 2018  
That looks very sugary! I love it!
posted November 15th, 2018  
Oh that looks totally awesome
posted November 15th, 2018  
Oh wow, yes please! If you have got any left, I will be round in 5 minutes!!
posted November 15th, 2018  
@gijsje @maggiemae @chris17 @kwind @digitalrn @casablanca
Thank you for your lovely comments 😊
posted November 15th, 2018  
So impressive … what a fun cake!
posted November 16th, 2018  
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