Old school  by sarah19

Old school

A few days ago I walked to the other side of town to chat briefly to the best of friends. Along the High Street which used to have a wonderful selection of shops, down by other old establishments now closed and rather neglected, passed by the house my Grandparents lived in and where Mum lived for much of her childhood, and across the road where I took this photo of Tain Royal Academy- the original one. I love the classic style and glow of the sandstone. My dad taught here but his classroom was in a wooden portacabin kind of building. All the temporary buildings were removed in recent years and now there's a clear view across the grounds. Currently not used though there is a special needs school in new buildings on the site too.
Three good things
1. Friends there who have known me since I was one year old.
2. Friends here who have known our children since they were one year old.
3. Gentle day to myself....delicious dinner with Allan. Home is good.
I love the stories that come with really good photos - whether a building or a garden! I also like the word, 'gentle' that you often offer!
October 31st, 2020  
@maggiemae thank you for your lovely comment! I love the word gentle too. I think I notice it more and more in what often seems like a harsh and strident world.
October 31st, 2020  
Nice shot
October 31st, 2020  
I too love to read the tale behind the capture, it really helps bring pictures to life for me.
October 31st, 2020  
Great capture and I loved your story.
October 31st, 2020  
Beautiful capture and lovely memories.
October 31st, 2020  
A grand old building that has seen lots if young people through its doors. Nice to see it unencumbered by porta cabins ....there in all its glory.
October 31st, 2020  
Nice story, pic
October 31st, 2020  
A lovely image and even lovelier narrative.
October 31st, 2020  
@chris17 @plainjaneandnononsense @mittens @gijsje @happypat @photographycrazy @louannwarren
Thank you all for your lovely comments - much appreciated
November 1st, 2020  
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