Fun with cardboard boxes  by sarah19

Fun with cardboard boxes

Months ago these boxes arrived with planter pots for the patio...
Today Connor and Finnley were making themselves at home.... could we have the big boxes to play with? Sure! That's why I kept them πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. They spent over two hours mostly IN the boxes, drawing inside walls, sharing ideas and all sorts of chat and giggles.
When their Dad appeared he had the two of them in one box, wrote the address of their school on the outside and made a fun video of the whole thing.
We had greenery all round and on top as I'd been trimming some shrubs and trees.....lots of giggles. There's a faint red line for a mouth and the nose is a toy they got at the funfair last week.
Three good things
1. The boys went to the papershop by themselves today. Seanair was working at Pitmedden Garden, I was with their little cousin, Dad was working online for school and Mum was sorting/ doing laundry for the big pack. They took one route down and a different route back!!!! They know where they are for sure!
2. Photo from Laura of Evie at departure lounge ready for flight to Scotland πŸ˜„
3. Taco Tuesday.....they made dinner. Very tasty.
Cardboard boxes a few pens and a good imagination! What fun!
August 10th, 2022  
I’m sure they had loads of fun. How wonderful that Laura is coming, will the boys still be there?
August 10th, 2022  
August 10th, 2022  
Hihi, great tag it fiveplustwo-cardboard (run a bit ago, but still such appt photo)
August 10th, 2022  
Cute scene!
August 10th, 2022  
@dide @kjarn @pdulis @sporenmaken @kork
Thank you for your lovely comments. We have had lots more fun with the boxes today!!!
August 10th, 2022  
The boxes are the best!! Cute photo.
August 10th, 2022  
Cute pic. I love the imagination of a child
August 11th, 2022  
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