Dream Ring collage by sarah19

Dream Ring collage

Well after yesterday's fun I'm sharing a little more of Harry Gow!!
There has always been a baker's shop on the corner of the High Street in Tain but it hasn't always been Harry's.....he has lots of branches in towns across the Highlands and more!
For all Mum's grandchildren the highlight of a visit from Granny (and Grandpa) was the large bag full of goodies, and when they go to Tain they head straight down to the shop if she hasn't already had some delivered!!!

and if you fancy a mouthwatering 3 minutes
Oh my, that video was extraordinary! I would love to have a chance to sample some of these delights!
April 10th, 2019  
After watching the video I noticed they have an online shop. I didn’t click that link. If they mail to California I could be in trouble.
April 10th, 2019  
I won't show this to anyone in the house. They'll have me making my tea ring recipe!
June 11th, 2020  
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