A pair of shiny baubles! by sarahhorsfall

A pair of shiny baubles!

This was the most awkwardly shaped christmas present to wrap this year! LOL .. yes, I've now finished buying, wrapping and posting all my christmas presents .. I've impressed myself! Facebook being unavailable all day helped me to stay focussed on my to-do list. Just got a few christmas cards to write and post off now.

This is for my brother and his boyfriend ... and it's a MASSAGER from the Body Shop, in case you're wondering! :o)
Very naughty! I have tried this year to only by box shaped objects to wrap, it is a nightmare!!!
December 13th, 2011  
I assume the balls move sarah...otherwise i cannot see how the massager would work.....i'd love to see your brother and his b/f's faces when they 'feel' your pressie through the wrapping paper..

great detail in this bauble shot :)
December 13th, 2011  
@emmaroobers I wish I'd kept weight in mind when I was buying the pressies that needed to be posted - it just cost me a fortune at the post office this afternoon!! *gulp*

@phil_howcroft Yup, they move .. you hold the shaft and wheel the balls up and down .. LOL .. you can get a better view on the Body Shop page - http://www.thebodyshop.co.uk/_en/_gb/catalog/product.aspx?ParentCatCode=C_BathBody&CatCode=C_BathBody_WellbeingMassage&prdcode=18792m

Unfortunately I won't be there to see their faces, as this is a present that's going off in the post!
December 13th, 2011  
@sarahhorsfall LOL sarah .....ROLF at your description on how to operate the massager.......this post could almost match your orange peel picture for innuendoes ....will you be writing those instructions down for your brother and is b/f too :)
December 13th, 2011  
@phil_howcroft innuendos? moi? lol ;O) ... and nah, they've been together 10 years, if they don't know how to handle wood and a pair of balls by now, then there's no hope for them! LOL
December 13th, 2011  
ROFL!!! Love it! Innuendos? Vous? Non, never dans un million years! ;-)
btw, thank you for your comment on my pic, much appreciated. Sadly it got deleted after I had a shot-editing dither and whoopsie that ended in having to re-post. Sorry!
December 14th, 2011  
love the colour and texture of the two differant woods.
December 14th, 2011  
lol ive got one of those ..but what a brilliant present for your brother ..ewww matron lol
December 15th, 2011  
hahah nice shot!
December 16th, 2011  
Very good! Made me chuckle this dull morning
December 16th, 2011  
Oh that's going to get a few giggles during it's life.
December 16th, 2011  
@dulciknit If Santa asks, I've been a good girl, okay?! LOL

@hobgoblinwychwo Thanks, John - I thought the selective colour worked well here :o)

@rainbowsnic42 @chewyteeth @nix @triplescoop Hopefully it will raise a smile on christmas morning! :o)
December 21st, 2011  
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