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21/1/12 I've barely picked up my camera since I finished my 365 year - it feels a bit weird, and I just seem to need a complete break from taking photos. I feel like I'm looking and seeing with my eyes, rather than looking for a photo. I'm enjoying it, for now. I'll pick up the camera again, in time, I know.

In the meantime, I thought I'd post some of the other photos I took last year, that didn't get chosen as photo of the day. < /Edit>

Hi! Originally from Leeds, I now live in Manchester, NW England (having lived in Hawes, Newcastle, London, France, & Cornwall along the way!). I work part-time as a counselling manager in a primary school.

I enjoy taking pics on my Canon Ixus (and would love to upgrade to a DSLR one day when funds allow!). I'm enjoying the challenge of noticing or thinking of something to photograph every single day for this project - it's keeping me in the moment, looking more and seeing more! I'm also really enjoying looking at other people's photos and getting a peek into other people's lives.,

In terms of managing my time on here, my priorities are to take and upload my own pics, and to respond to people who have been generous enough to comment on my pics. I try to comment on others' photos that really stand out to me as I go along, but don't always manage that, and so sometimes have occasional marathon commenting sessions when I try to catch up at least a bit!!

I really appreciate how often lovely people stop to look at and comment on my photos - I'm grateful for the generosity, connection and community here at 365 x x