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Based in the North West of England
Update - 2019
Seventh year most of my original followers and people I followed are no longer active 😞 But if I keep up with posting I'll also try to make more effort in interacting ...
Year 1 saw me as a first timer on the 365 project which i joined to set myself a photography challenge....and capture something that sums up each day as it happens to give me my year in pictures to look back on.
Year 2 I did a year of colour blocks - which was very challenging but very enjoyable
Year 3 I started off trying different themes / techniques each month, but lost my way 8 months in ...
Year 4 started again in April after an 8month break and was fairly hit and miss i am attempting to fill in the gaps
Year 5 - i'm having another go as work has really got in the way of my photography and i want to try again plus i have anew lens to play with
Year 6 - trying again juggling work, life and photography ...let's see what happens...
Year 7 - photography has taken a back seat the last few years but im determined to keep persevering with this trying a B&W year

A few of my shots have reached the popular page you can see the ones that have reached it since April 2013 by following this link