Western Province Live Steamers

One of the shots from yesterday's Photo Walk outing. I was disappointed because from the title I had expected it to be a venue where real old steam trains are being restored/rebuilt. I don't find model trains with lawn mower engines as interesting or exciting as the real thing - but I know that is all just a bad attitude on my part!
I don't know - if it says steamers there ought to be steam - a company near us that runs boats has to call themselves "Steamers" with quotation marks now! Anyway, neat little shot of a big boy and his toy.
posted March 18th, 2018  
@anniesue haha. That was exactly my thoughts - this was a place for big boys and their toys. Clearly my photography echoed my thoughts. LOL
posted March 18th, 2018  
These model trains are fun We have a few lines & train just down the road from me & they run fun runs once a month
posted March 18th, 2018  
It's the perfect big boy and his toy shot 😂
posted March 19th, 2018  
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