Is it here yet? by seanoneill

Is it here yet?

Taken at Knaresborough Station yesterday.

I loved how the guy was leaning over to see if the train was coming.

We had a lovely couple of days up in Harrogate and Knaresborough, though Storm Brendan did rather clip our wings!
Very nicely seen, " street " image. Maybe you should have just spread your wings and seen where you travelled too !!
January 15th, 2020  
yes it's coming !!
January 15th, 2020  
@markp Newark Northgate via York.
January 15th, 2020  
Lovely...the leaning over guy does make this special....I like the curving tracks & the lit up train...fave Phil. A lovely part of the world!
January 15th, 2020  
Great b&w, love your album and your work
January 15th, 2020  
@gggg Thank you that's very generous of you, The force is strong in you.
January 15th, 2020  
@happypat Thank you my good friend.
January 15th, 2020  
Super composition. Perfect in black-and-white. Fav!
January 16th, 2020  
This is a great shot, very nice composition
January 19th, 2020  
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