• January 2012

1st Jan 2012 - Golden Bright Start To 2012 From The Space Needle
2nd Jan 2012 - What Is He Looking At?
3rd Jan 2012 - Obey
4th Jan 2012 - Finished Hanging My Show For The First Thursday Art Walk.  Featuring 4 Prints on Metal!
5th Jan 2012 - We Had Over 400 Come To The Gallery Show Tonight!
6th Jan 2012 - When You Carry This Satchel You Can Have As Much Candy As You Want, Please Help Yourself...
7th Jan 2012 - I Attended The Vivian Maier Gallery Opening In Los Angeles Last Night.
8th Jan 2012 - Tim Roth Hosting The Vivian Maier Exhibit At Merry Karnowsky Gallery
9th Jan 2012 - Ok...One More Shot From The Vivian Maier Gallery Show on Saturday...
10th Jan 2012 - Even Spiderman Needs To Check His E-mail...
11th Jan 2012 - Do You Think They Are Part Of A 365 Club...
12th Jan 2012 - Hollywood Night
13th Jan 2012 - Caffé Vita Pioneer Square
14th Jan 2012 - John Maloof Opening Night of the Vivian Maier Collection in L.A.
15th Jan 2012 - Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful...
16th Jan 2012 - A Late Night Check In At Hotel Max
17th Jan 2012 - Thanks Chris For Your Help In Hanging My Show and Thanks Sara For The Invitation To Show My Work At Fins Bistro
18th Jan 2012 - And Another Storm Blows Into Town...The Building Across The Street Starts To Take On The Image Of A Face...Is It Crying...
19th Jan 2012 - Ready For Spring!
20th Jan 2012 - Snow Storm Over, Now We Have Ice Falling From The Buildings...Fire Trucks To The Rescue
21st Jan 2012 - Proud Owners Of New Luggage!
22nd Jan 2012 - Shop and Dash...
23rd Jan 2012 - No Turn On Red!
24th Jan 2012 - Stopping For A Sample At La Buona Tavola In The Market.
25th Jan 2012 - End Of Day Walk To Catch The Ferry Home
26th Jan 2012 - For @nanalisarocks, Heavens To Betsie!
27th Jan 2012 - Based On The Look Of The Mannequin On The Right, I Think She May Be Using The Pipe Of The Vendor On The Left...
28th Jan 2012 - Busker Craig Lay At The Pikes Place Market
29th Jan 2012 - The Conversation Brought Him To His Toes...
30th Jan 2012 - The Finding With The Help Of The Guide Book...
31st Jan 2012 - Optimal Bench Utilization...