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Yet another Update.
I don't post regularly these days but still consider myself a member.
These days for me, it's all about film. Haven't graduated to medium format yet but 35mm is working a charm for me right now.
Film lives, really.

Update 2015. Having done one full 365 and about 4 abortive reboots, I've decided to try for one more full year. This has got to be one the most supportive communities I've ever encountered, either on the web or in real life.
I've been playing with my camera enough to know I not only need to get serious, I can get serious.
I welcome any and all honest criticism, you think maybe I'll get offended? I won't.
One word of warning though, don't be an asshole, I don't like assholes and you won't like me when I become one.

One fine day, about 7 years ago I found myself away from home for 6 months while working on a movie. During that 6 months we found ourselves in the Transkei, on South Africa's east coast and then up to Mozambique. The places I found myself were so beautiful that to not have a camera with me, would have been a sin.
So I bought myself a Canon PowerShot and began taking pictures. I carried that camera around with me everywhere for four and a half years taking pictures of anything and everything.

Then one day I stopped. I don't know why. I told myself that I'd done everything I could with that camera and it's lack of functions was holding me back and I needed a DSLR. So for a year I saved up and eventually about a year and a half ago I got my Canon 1100d.
Oh bliss and happiness, finally I could achieve what I wanted.
But a strange thing happened, my photos weren't good, in fact they were worse than what I'd taken with my crappy camera. Needless to say, I was not impressed.
As it turned out, all those fancy buttons and dials had a function and it was my job to know what they did and how they that created a good photo.

So a year and a half later I've by and large figured out the buttons and dials and in theory, I know what should result in a good photo, but I'll be honest, I'm only going through the motions.

My 365 Project is an attempt to rekindle that sense of wonder I first experienced with a point and shoot, a tap and a fast shutter speed in hotel room in Maputo 6 years ago.

If you like my photos, please check out my Flickr page too : www.flickr.com/semjaja