January Farm View by shannejw

January Farm View

This is something I did last time I completed a 365 - not on here - a monthly shot of this view to see how the seasons change the landscape. Having forgotten to take a picture the first Sunday of the month, I meant to use the last Sunday instead, but Get Pushed last week meant that didn't work.

I am standing on an ancient track that wasn't tarmacked when the roads were surfaced, which runs up to the farm in the distance along the hedge on the right. Until the 1980s there were hedges on either side of the track until the farmer cleared the one nearest the fields. The right hand side is partially a wildlife corridor to join up the different sections of the local Forest, although the acre nearest me is being developed commercially. My favourite tree is in the fields off to the left. The farm in the distance is on maps from the 1600s and the oldest barn has timber joints that date back to the 1300s.

We had snow overnight, but rain, snow, rain, then frost leaving ice everywhere and snow settled on the grass.

Three good things:
1. I've finished all the hand sewing on a woollen skirt for my daughter and the pyjamas she was making;
2. Lovely sunny snowy walk this morning across the fields;
3. Really fun session at Guides tonight using some of the new materials that worked.

Thank you for looking, commenting and your favs, and for getting the goldfinches to the PP. You are all lovely. I try to say thank you here, rather than individually, then spend time I would spend saying thank you here looking at your photographs
Very good history along with the photo! I like that you take seasonal.pictures in the same spot.
January 31st, 2019  
Lovely winter scene... looks cold.
January 31st, 2019  
A great idea for a monthly entry. And definitely a classic looking winter scene.
January 31st, 2019  
ooh i was in the guides a million years ago...I remember setting fire to our dinner outside...hhhahahaha
January 31st, 2019  
Beautiful capture and winter scene. Looks muddy beside all the ice and snow.
January 31st, 2019  
@huvesaker I've been a Guide leader for nearly 6 years, so we have stories - and it's a constant while I'm caring for my daughter currently.
January 31st, 2019  
Lovely wintry scene
January 31st, 2019  
I'm doing much the same thing with the farm a room the fields from us - it promises to be an interesting exercise.
January 31st, 2019  
Snow covered my car yesterday morning and there was a slight smattering on the ground but luckily it melted quickly. We've been given a snow number to phone tomorrow morning in case work is shut but I'm assuming I'll be going in as usual.
January 31st, 2019  
Wonderful view Shanna!
February 1st, 2019  
What a great expansive view! And what a good idea to photograph it monthly to watch the seasons change!
Thanks for entering the landscape challenge!
February 2nd, 2019  
Oh I've always wanted to try this but I'm just not organised enough.
February 2nd, 2019  
@humphreyhippo this is 10 minutes walk away, and where I head if I haven't got long for a walk, or on my way out on some of my longer walks.
February 3rd, 2019  
This is such an excellent idea!
May 30th, 2019  
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