Green is the colour by shannejw

Green is the colour

This is a tulip leaf, SOOC, from the same bunch all week, this may be it, but three are still going, so one may appear later.

I'm playing challenges with this one:
To remind you all of the song title challenge - a track from Pink Floyd. This is also green for the Rainbow Challenge and I have aimed to fill the frame for the 52 week Dogwood Challenge

Composition: Fill the Frame
Using Fill the Frame is a great way to isolate your subject and create interest in your photo. Can you do it with only one color in the frame? Fill the Frame with one color.

About the Compositional Eye category:
“In past challenges we have explored the rules of composition. This year we push the rules even further by using them in specific ways to train your compositional eye.”

and because this is an abstract image, it's being entered for the abstract challenge

Three good things:
1. Two repurpose/reuse/remake projects on the go - a remake a hooded sweatshirt for my daughter from a very cheap sale sweatshirt and one that's now too large for her, mine is to reuse some trousers that are too big (Sewing Bee Instagram challenges);
2. last shirt completely finished off and started a sewing machine cover;
3. some really interesting fabric in the stash we were given last night;

Thank you for looking and your lovely comments and favs. You're all wonderful. I prefer to look at and comment on your pictures rather than thank you individually below.
Great abstract image and so useful for all your challenges. :)
March 15th, 2019  
You have a real knack for versatility with your challenge shots, don't think I've ever seen a four-fer before! Well done!
March 15th, 2019  
If they had a mfpiac going on for flowers right now you could do the whole tulip bouquet and hit five challenges with it! haha Nicely done on all accounts!
March 15th, 2019  
Very interesting for such a deceptively simply shot.
March 15th, 2019  
Lovely shades. Spring is so close yet so far away!
March 15th, 2019  
neat - it's a great colour!
March 15th, 2019  
wonderful greens!
March 15th, 2019  
Great close-up, greens and patterns.
March 15th, 2019  
neat !
March 15th, 2019  
My favorite color! Fav
March 15th, 2019  
March 15th, 2019  
Good one!
March 16th, 2019  
Lovely shade of green for a frame-filler and really like the subtle diagonals as well
March 17th, 2019  
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