6-10-11 Hanging Around by shantwin

6-10-11 Hanging Around

In the yard, Seattle

Today was one of those days I would just as soon forget. I was really looking forward to the fact that this was the first night all week that I had nothing going on after work and I could just come home and do nothing. Children and husband would be out doing their slot car stuff and it would be just the cats and I.

But then work was crazy and I had to leave early knowing that my work for the day was not done and that I would need to return. Went to pick up one of the boys at school from his 8th grade camping trip. I called the school, they said 3:20 so I left at 3:00 and on time I was. When I got there I was informed that the ferry had been delayed by a tanker (don't hear that everyday, except maybe here) and that they were late. They found out that my son was in one of the first cars so I decided to stick around and about 20 minutes later low and behold here comes a car with my child in it, but without his luggage. Where is the luggage? On the truck. When did the truck arrive, one hour later and then another 15 minutes to unload it. So, back to work, now after 5:00 with child in hand and another 45 minutes of work and finally items completed and out the door for the training on Sunday.

Home we go in terrible traffic and nearly there when the other child calls to say he and husband have already left the house. Grrr, 5 minutes from home we are. So, home, pick up items and drop off luggage, back across town to drop child off at slot cars. Then I decided I deserved to not make my own dinner so finally Thai food in hand and home again to my quiet house.

So, photos of the backyard. I promised myself when I was out of the country that I would try harder and be more experimental with my photos when I got back and I am falling into the same ruts again. Picked this item up at a garage sale last year and when in Venice I found out that many of them are made in Murano. Probably not this one, but maybe. So I hung it up to keep it from getting broken. Now it needs a good clean up and a candle or a plant. It's a bit rusty but I've decided it's elegant decay - just like Venice. Okay, I'm pushing it.

edit: crop, temperature, saturation, exposure and contrast and boost
What a day yoou had!! I hope you have your feet up now!!!
June 14th, 2011  
This is absolutely gorgeous
June 14th, 2011  
Think you need a holiday after that day.
June 14th, 2011  
What a day! But, this is really a beautiful, colorful photo. Like how you framed this glass hanger.
June 15th, 2011  
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