Horsey Forest by shantwin

Horsey Forest

North Seattle
year 2, day 209

Another day of driving to work as I had a meeting with one of my son's teachers. Some days I don't know how or if I will be able to get this sweet kid with a variety of learning difficulties though the next few years and get him out of high school.

Once again I embarrassed him by simply being myself squatting down in the middle of the school parking lot to take a shot of these horse tail ferns popping up in a swampy area between the asphalt. They were such a beautiful forest of green I couldn't resist. I wish there had been a bit more light but the morning was gray and drizzly.

edit: crop, a touch of cross process and a touch of Intrepid
The green is gorgeous! Love the detail!
May 27th, 2012  
Very cool. Great composition and colours
May 27th, 2012  
They're beautiful and actually look sort of hand-knitted!
May 27th, 2012  
Wow this is beautiful. And your son will get through high school and graduate because you are there for him. I know it is tough, frustrating and we won't to give up, but don't because too many other people give up on our kids who shouldn't. He will thank you one day :)
May 27th, 2012  
oh gosh - - - i LOVE this shot. The color of course is magnificent, but your focus and dof is great too....and i really love that it "seems" like it is in the rainforest somewhere, but really it is in a parking lot. Great job!
May 27th, 2012  
I like the detail you have captured. I guess I have never taken the time to look at these up close. They really are beautiful. Well captured!
May 27th, 2012  
Fabulous. Like the composition, lighting, dof, focus, color
May 27th, 2012  
This is a gorgeous shot, love the colours, fav.
May 27th, 2012  
This is a pretty stunning shot; very unusual.
May 28th, 2012  
beautiful sense of rythym that this imparts... and if we can't embarrass our kids, what joy can we get out of those teenage years ;)
June 1st, 2012  
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