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It's not a good photo but I'm happy I have one... I'm grateful... That's what it's all about. Gratitude. It's about having compassion and loving kindness for all, empathy and being able to put yourself in someone's shoes. That's what Anyen Rinpoche left us with - those were his wishes.

Thanks to my wonderful meditation leader, who so kindly gave me a lift, I had the joy of seeing and listening to Anyen Rinpoche, 'a tulku from Amdo, a Tibetan master of Dzogchen meditation. He is a scholar as well and has taught extensively in Tibet, China, and throughout Southeast Asia, Japan, and North America.'

What a wonderful sense of humour he had! Amazing insight and I was held captive by his words.

We must look at others with empathy and love one another unconditionally.
It is always good to learn new insights into life
November 29th, 2014  
Yes, there's so much to learn!
November 30th, 2014  
What a strange bed,he must like it !
December 14th, 2014  
Oh, heh heh... Yes, it does look like a bed, eh? But it's actually like a table top. He's sitting under there, cross-legged, on cushions, so he can meditate. The table top has a bell, bowl and various other items on it.
December 14th, 2014  
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