Walking Home

I always wanted to photograph this building. It could have happened any number of times. During the day and evening.

Most days by twelve p.m. food trucks flood the right side of the rink. Falafal sandwhich, bean burito, yemisir wat, or not- it's a bland shot during the day. Sure, the building is shaped like a whale, but there are other architectural facets of equal importance.

For instance, the outer lights in alignment with the doors give a feeling a theater rather than a place for sports. Even the sidewalk plays a role in offsetting the doors and drop lighting.

I was able to capture isolation, issues of safety and security, and freedom. Generally you don't see too many people walking in this area, especially alone. But, what does it say about the confidence of the pedestrian? Is she isolated? is she determined? Or, is she simply doing what is necessary and content with her journey?

I am discovering the power of omitting certain details. To me it is much more interesting to not see the person's face than to have it be revealed.
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