Celestial Bird

Knowing where to stand, what perspective to photograph from is an obstacle I am constantly facing.

As look back at this photo, I wonder how it would have looked from above the bird. Since, I had no access to a giant ladder or machinery shooting from below had to do.

Some days, there are several birds on this roof. They rest in a row of at least seven or so along the side of the lower half of the building, and also the rest on wires running near the church.

I wonder what compels birds to rest on the tip of the cross. Are there other birds vying for the spot? Do weather condition which attract them?

Does the sound of the ringing bell draw them in upon he hours?

I was at a distance from the church. Getting too close might have prevented me from capturing the light within the tower and the contrast of the arch above the inner cross.

There is a celestial feel about the image. There is a mood which conveys peace and awaiting things to come.

It required a higher ISO. The day could have been brighter and the light could have been a lot more apparent, but the shadows give voice to the structure of the building and the solace it is represents.
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