Suphur Mountain by shepherdman

Suphur Mountain

Sulfur Mountain, from Banff – not taken in monochrome - I had to take a subsequent shot of @shepherdmanswife to show that my camera was not faulty.
That morning @shepherdmanswife said that she needed retail therapy. I needed to be out and about. We compromised, taking the gondola up Sulfur Mountain in the morning, and shopping afterwards. I would have happily walked up the well-marked trail, but @shepherdmanswife wouldn’t, and around here you don’t go into the woods on your own. At the top it was snowing heavily, and @shepherdmanswife and I loved it. We had seen lots of mountain views but this was our first Canadian blizzard!
We followed the boardwalk that twisted and turned into the fog and snow up to the summit, meeting a few people appearing out of the white-out, and from the various greetings exchanged it seems that it was the Brits and Ozzies who were the only ones to brave the elements.
@shepherdmanswife’s father from Upstate New York had joined us, for a few days. He stayed in the restaurant, having spent $35 on a gondola ride just to buy himself a cup of average coffee and sit looking out at weather that he will be experiencing at home in three months’ time. He really couldn’t get his head around why we had ventured out for a walk in a blizzard, and apparently enjoyed it.
Of course by the time that we were shopping, the summit above the town was clear
That was some snow storm. We don't get enough at home in UK so it was a wonderful experience for us. Maybe you will put a photo of the actual blizzard on tomorrow? Fav
October 6th, 2014  
I'm pleased to follow that @shepherdmanswife keeps trail of your postings! I would like to say - too much contrast in this potentially dramatic photo! Hope I'm not being too critical?
October 6th, 2014  
Looks dramatic with that tones and knowing it's not a B&W shot !
October 6th, 2014  
wow love the detail and textures here.
October 6th, 2014  
Wonderful image and fav :)
October 6th, 2014  
Superb shot
October 6th, 2014  
Great story to go with your shot. The gloom really comes through. Love that you didn't convert to b&w!!
October 6th, 2014  
It seems like you have timed your trip well to catch so many interesting weather caused shots. Amazing shot in b&w - not a converted b&w - just weather related. And then a blizzard on top - wow! Great day.
October 6th, 2014  
Lovely shot, like the deep contrasts
October 6th, 2014  
Very nicely done. Love the monochrome
October 7th, 2014  
Love it!
October 9th, 2014  
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