My first prints!!! by shesnapped

My first prints!!!

If you can believe it, I have never printed one of my photos since I started shooting DSLR about 10 years ago! All of my favorite photos have been put into slideshows for my computer screensaver, or featured as my desktop background, or homescreen on my phone, but never actually printed. After all the photos I so carefreely had printed from film, something about having these printed has had me on pins and needles awaiting their arrival.

I've followed UPS tracking since Monday, kept the site up on my phone so all I had to do was refresh the page to get the most up-to-the-minute status report, watched this morning as it traveled from Philadelphia to Easton to my town, checked and waited at lunch ... and then didn't even think about it after work! I get on my bike about an hour later, head down the driveway, and suddenly remember that THEY SHOULD BE HERE! So I clomp across the driveway and front yard and up the front steps in my helmet and gloves and bike cleats to collect MY PACKAGE! Hubby has to meet me on the side porch to help me open the package before I can leave on my ride. WOW!!! They're SO BIG and SO GLOSSY! All my fears were relieved - no grain, no discoloration. The only issue I see right this minute is that the one with the blown out sun, the one I just couldn't resist, is not quite as detailed in the shadows in print as it is on the screen. Serious bummer!!! I printed 5, I can enter 3. Now to choose! I have to take them tomorrow anytime between 10 am and 3 pm. WHICH WILL I CHOOSE????

Thank you all SO MUCH for your help in critiquing these for me! I feel like I can now enter them without fear of looking ridiculous. I don't expect to win. I've seen some of the shots that are entered, and they are so much better than any I've taken, but it's really cool to step out of my comfort zone and do something like this!
Great Idea. I need to do some of the same.
August 7th, 2015  
You go gal
August 7th, 2015  
Neat shot...great prints
August 7th, 2015  
You have lovely prints. Be sure to display them in your home at sometime. Good luck. I print mine on photo paper sometimes and but on a cork board so I can enjoy and people see when they come over. Have more on the walls of my office.
August 7th, 2015  
10 years! That's amazing :)
August 7th, 2015  
A lovely collection of images. :))
August 7th, 2015  
Super shots and good luck. You will have to let us know which three you choose and how you get on with the competition.
August 7th, 2015  
I am the same as you Ashley, I have still got to choose the one I like best so it can be put on the wall in the newly decorated Bedroom. All your look Beautiful.
August 8th, 2015  
Its totally awesome to see photographs in print...
August 9th, 2015  
Cool picture.
August 10th, 2015  
Well that's a big day in anyone's life - congrats - they look great :)
August 11th, 2015  
Nice memories!
September 6th, 2015  
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