Gray day egret by shesnapped

Gray day egret

When I went to Chincoteague the other day, cloudy and overcast as it was, my intention was to spend the day quietly with God, and the clouds seemed to promise that photos would not be much of an interest. Yes, I took my camera because it's awful to be without it when the opportunity of a lifetime comes along, as it always does when you're without, but I didn't really expect to pull it out much, if at all. Well, God wasn't real interested in silence that day. He decided to open my eyes a little to more than I normally see, which is His prerogative considering He created all this! He showed me the beauty in the cloudy day, mirroring the beauty in even the cloudy soul. There's no stunning light, nothing to make anyone necessarily wish they were there catching any opportunities of a lifetime. But look closely, and you start to see details that can't be seen as well on brilliantly sunny days. The detail in the egret's feathers, and our souls, is blown out on a sunny day, but on a cloudy day, they're much more noticeable. And, yes, a good photographer would have caught those details much more sharply than I, but again, highlighting the soul, I myself have still got a long way to go, eh? I'm grateful to Him for a day of seeing details, my own in particular, for showing me His Glory and Promise in a moment of clouds, and seeing His Joy in a less than perfect season.
Great spotting and lessons. Sounds perfect!
December 6th, 2016  
Beautiful :)
December 6th, 2016  
Excellent capture, details, composition
December 7th, 2016  
Beautiful shots and wise words
December 7th, 2016  
Great shot
December 7th, 2016  
He is very handsome.
December 16th, 2016  
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