I sat, I knat... by shesnapped

I sat, I knat...

My Get Pushed challenge this week by Jacqueline @jacqbb was “a photo of an activity that makes you happy”. Once I finally gave in and decided that it was ok to knit, maybe about 10 years ago, I very quickly became addicted! There is something so soothing about the feel of a good yarn in your fingers and the click of the needles as you go back and forth, yarn overs, slipped stitches, and knit one belows.... Who knew there was healing in the rhythm?

I found myself with a couple quiet hours in the chaos of this past week, two states south of home, Starbucks, sunshine, and outdoor seating. On a whim I had grabbed my knitting bag before we left home to head south. Perfect time to break it out and knit up some therapy.

And as I drove back to our temporary abode that late afternoon, the clouds were stunningly fluffy and sharp against the brilliant blue sky, and as I admired them and pondered the situation that had brought me there to begin with, God once again sent me a message of hope. I still don’t know the answers, and the situation is far from being resolved, but it was good to be reminded that God alone is in charge of the future, and my job is to just keep praying and having faith in Him, no matter how hard that is!

PS - does anyone know what the past tense of “knit” is???? :-D
@jacqbb A happy hobby...
June 16th, 2019  
A lovely capture. I like to knit but there isn't time with my scrapbooking so the scrapbooking wins
June 16th, 2019  
Knitted? I like knat though. Nice high key processing
June 16th, 2019  
Glad you are finding ways to feel held at this hard time
June 16th, 2019  
This is a great high-key b&w image.
June 16th, 2019  
@shesnapped Wow Ashley, this is a good response for the challenge! I like to knit too, but with two cats very difficult to do. I'm not nearly as accompliced as you are. I wish you all the best with the family situation.
June 16th, 2019  
Wonderful black and white photo
June 16th, 2019  
Never really mastered learning how to knit, sometimes being a southpaw is a tough nut to crack- I crochet right handed and it really isn't all that pretty, I admire those who do knat (which I like a great deal).
June 16th, 2019  
Cool picture.
June 17th, 2019  
Looks good. For your Get Pushed challenge what about Architecture?
June 18th, 2019  
Past tense is knitted!!
June 23rd, 2019  
Hello, we're get pushed partners. How do you feel about doing a geometric shot??
June 23rd, 2019  
@30pics4jackiesdiamond Very interesting! I’ll look for that!!
June 24th, 2019  
I am so pleased to see you back at 365 every once in a while. I know that you are not posting regularly, but I am sure you will once again when life gets settled.
Sounds as if you are in a very stressful situation with so much happening in your life.
So - in an attempt to keep your get pushed challenge simple, and maybe even encourage you to pick up the knitting needles once again for much needed healing, I challenge you to take a shot of your latest knitting project concentrating on the texture.
This shot definitely does not need to be fancy - it just needs to be done!
July 1st, 2019  
BTW - could you take a few moments to issue me a challenge. I really enjoy the get pushed challenges and would hate to miss out on one.
I tend to do my challenges at the last moment on Sunday so anytime until then is fine.
And you can keep your challenge to me quick and simple - don't stress about it.
July 1st, 2019  
@farmreporter Thank you for your kind words! Challenge accepted!
July 3rd, 2019  
Hi Ashley, we’re partners again Gp-364. For your challenge could you make a photo of an imperfection?
July 14th, 2019  
My only experience of knitting was in primary school and it was the opposite of relaxing! I found it incredibly stressful. Everyone else in the class had finished and I was still picking up dropped stitches days later. It upset me so much that I didn't want to go to school, so my Mum finished it for me. I've never tried it since.
July 14th, 2019  
@shesnapped Hi Ashley, Thank you for the information. I’m sorry but i’m uncomfortable with this challenge. My prime lens is just back from the workshop and I don’t want to risk it being damaged.
Please give me another challenge......it is saturday here Ashley do you have something for me to do???
July 20th, 2019  
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