Near the Entrance to The "Water" or Cave Under Tel Shiloh

The Biblical Shiloh is an officially recognized archaeology site. Tel Shiloh differs from other tels, since it isn't a pile of rubble which looks like a hill. Underneath is actually some sort of giant "well."
I love this which looks like a Biblical scene -- one can imagine how hot it is with the arid earth under the blue sky .There must be a source of spring water to have a large well underground -- fav
posted May 26th, 2017  
You have so much amazing history where you live. A lovely scene.
posted May 26th, 2017  
@beryl @boatman137 Thanks, yes, truly Biblical, near where Hannah prayed. Considering that Shiloh was a place of pilgrimage, it needed a water source for all of the visitors.
posted May 26th, 2017  
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