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January 1, 2020. Can't believe it's been 5 years since I completed my 365. I'm planning to complete 2020. There's been lots of learning since 2015. Love my photography journey. Glad to be back. I now have Canon 6D and all full frame lenses. Still have lots to learn. Keeps my brain working.

Description from 2015:

I've been taking photos forever. There are over 50 photo albums full on my shelves to prove it. I've always used a point and shoot camera and in November 2013, I finally made the purchase of a Canon Rebel T3i. I decided I need to keep learning to keep my old brain working after retiring December 2013. Photography as a hobby is a constant learning experience and one I truly love.

I found this site because on the Stunning Digital Photography FB page. Some members were signing up.

I'm from Pennsylvania and have been living in Texas for a very long time.