The Tardis by silverhorn

The Tardis

"Well I made up the name Tardis from the initials, Time And Relative Dimensions In Space . . . . I thought you both understand the dimensions inside from outside".

SUSAN FOREMAN - Classic Doctor Who, Episode 1

** i decided I enjoyed making the galaxy the other day so much I'd have another go with the Tardis **

afternote - I will be back tomorrow (its 1am here) to respond to everyone and leave feedback on all your images.. its just late , well early here and I've been up at the hospital a lot with my sister in law, my niece is in hospital.

See you in a few hours .. hope you enjoy this one !
Love the colours and the Tardis ;-)
January 29th, 2018  
This is an awesome series that you are doing. I really like this one
January 30th, 2018  
@jacqbb Thank you :)
@k1w1 Thank you :)

Wait till you see todays ;)
January 30th, 2018  
Very cool! Love how it looks like the TARDIS is floating against the stars!
February 2nd, 2018  
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