Another work piece done .. the number is slowly going down
very cool.
So you do this for a living?
posted May 18th, 2018  
Cool but creepy, I wouldn’t like it if I opened one of my books and this creature would come out. Fav
posted May 18th, 2018  
@adi314 yes. I am a portrait and cosplay photographer. I also am in my second year of a graphics design degree. I started doing these for fun. People started buying them
posted May 18th, 2018  
@silverhorn what is a cosplay photographer? Very cool job, beats mine :P
posted May 18th, 2018  
@adi314 if you have ever been to a convention and seen people dressed up as their favourite characters from movies books games etc.. That's cosplay. I attend functions here and am hired privately to photograph them.

I then turn some into composites.. Like this one
posted May 18th, 2018  
@silverhorn very cool
posted May 19th, 2018  
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