Daddy Yoda helping wash the pups. by skippysue

Daddy Yoda helping wash the pups.

So many people have been asking me how is Yoda with his pups.
Well Coco & Yoda are best friends.
Yoda was right beside Coco when she was giving birth,pacing up & down just like us humans.
We sat with the dogs and helped to keep them calm....
As you can see, Coco & Yoda do shared parenting,lol.....
Yoda helps to keep the pups clean just like Mumma does.
They are both great dogs,not savage like people like to make out they are.
might be a whole different story if someone came into our yards,but they are both amazing with their litter.
Thanks all for your kind comments and stopping by. :)
People shouldn't come into your yard uninvited, the dogs are just doing their job.
September 30th, 2018  
Ohh...good boy, Yoda!
September 30th, 2018  
So nice to see the co-parenting.
September 30th, 2018  
What a good story to go with your photo. I've never owned a Mum and babies - so had no idea that Dad got involved as well. :)
September 30th, 2018  
Great story and shot, yea for Yoda.
September 30th, 2018  
Very cute. I liked your story, too.
September 30th, 2018  
Great shot! I like it in B&W!
September 30th, 2018  
Lovely :)
September 30th, 2018  
How sweet.
October 1st, 2018  
@golftragic @365karly1 @onewing @robz @joev @mittens @kwind @hermann @fayefaye

Thanks everyone, the dogs are doing so well.
it's been a long time since we have allowed our dogs to have a litter of pups.
I must say as you get older it's a lot of work.
I didn't get to sleep in at all over our long weekend,lol.....
Puppies are starting to howl for food now....cheeky little things.
They are having four meals per day after waking from sleeping.
A womans work is never done. :)
October 1st, 2018  
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