02/04/2010 by skt


So the comedians go to the grocery store tonight...stand in line for an hour to get milk and bread along with all the other crazy nutjobs. While they are there...they find this little tiny shovel and decide it would be too funny for Jack (me) to have to sit in the snow with it. I'm not finding the humor right now but I will be laughing tomorrow when they are shoveling the 2 ft. of snow that we're suppose to get. I mean come on now...these paws do not shovel snow!
Ha ha ha great photo - what an expression - that tongue poking out is priceless lol! xx
February 5th, 2010  
You tell 'em Jack!
February 5th, 2010  
Yellow shovel for the soon to be yellow snow : )
February 5th, 2010  
hey Kay They are all so lovely. Is it possible for you to make a collage of all of them an introduce by name?
February 5th, 2010  
I'll work on that. I did their backsides today...LOL
February 6th, 2010  
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