by solarpower

Maade in heaveeen...
- Made In Heaven, Queen
Two days ago we visited the Queen Studio Experience and Freddie's statue in Montreux and their songs are playing on repeat since :D
It was all meant to be, yeah
made in heaveeeen, made in HEEEAAVEEEN 😁❤️
July 15th, 2022  
Nice detail shot.

What about the two analog films? 😉

I'm having to learn to pay the price
They're turning me upside down
Waiting for possibilities
Don't see too many around
July 17th, 2022  
@mike67 So far the black and white film has been developed and it's awesome! I still have to sort out what films to buy (especially what ISO, because the photos were a little bit too dark for me) but I love it :D
September 14th, 2022  
Oh, nice, even B&W! If the photos are to dark, pls check if ISO on the camera has been set too high.
September 15th, 2022  
@mike67 I have a compact camera, I think it is only automatic and I can't change any settings on it, but I bought a film with ISO 200, and ISO 400 would probably be better... I will try it and we'll see 😄
September 15th, 2022  
@solarpower Maybe you can check the internet for the manual.
September 16th, 2022  
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