Steaming Mug of Cumulus Nimbus

What a crazy thing! I zipped out to our North Jetty overlook to snap a few mundane shots of whatever sunset I could get on yet another stormy/sunny/stormy spring day. Within a minute of arriving, a square hole appeared in the clouds, with a beam of light shooting out. A fishing boat far on the horizon made itself known as well. After I came home and was messing with the pics, I noticed that the square had a "handle" to the right, and a little wisp of "steam" coming off the left! A mug of coffee in the clouds????? Perhaps!!
I swear, the only editing I did here was enhance lighting and a bit more color. Funniest cloud formation I've seen in a long time!!
This is quite something - what weird cloud formations - but a great image for you!
posted April 17th, 2018  
@robz crazy! Last time I started a 365, some wispy clouds in the sky spelled out “si”; I took that as a “yes” and posted it! Another time on my way to work, a wispy cloud was in the question mark form.
posted April 17th, 2018  
Thanks for your very abstract entry ;-)
posted April 17th, 2018  
posted April 20th, 2018  
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