Button #2: On Accordion Case Lock by spanishliz

Button #2: On Accordion Case Lock

When I moved to England in 1984, I gave my accordion, in its case, to a friend. He played it for awhile, then put it away in a shed, until I came to visit more than twenty years later. By then, I had moved from England to Spain and back to Canada. My friend returned my accordion to me, but as yet I've not been able to open the rusty lock as the button won't move. I'm not sure I want to even, because if I do I might find the bellows rotted and the instrument unplayable. Better to leave it alone, like Schroedinger's cat, perhaps? (Also tagging this for the mundane-rust challenge.)
Ooh that’s a bit sad, I understand your reason but I think I couldn’t leave it alone.
July 10th, 2022  
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