Do you print your photos?

I opened a topic asking if others in 365 project print their photos and now I want to show you what I print. I usually print photo books because I think it's the better way to show my photos, so I selected some random pages from my books to create this collage. The size of the books are 32x28 or 30x30 both in centimetre.

This is the topic in the general discussion:
This is great! I replied on your other discussion post.
posted January 29th, 2018  
I love this! What a wonderful idea. I choose a few to print, but this is so beautiful, I may have to try a book.
posted January 30th, 2018  
Your collage shows such a range! (and I've never printed a single photo taken digitally . . .)
posted January 30th, 2018  
@tracys Thank you for the following.
@linnypinny Thank you very much. Why not? (to print a book)
@jyokota Thank you! But never say never. ;-)
posted January 31st, 2018  
Congratulations for being on the popular page! Where do you have the book printed?
posted January 31st, 2018  
@caterina Thank you. I use Blurb to print my books.
posted February 3rd, 2018  
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