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A lot has happened since I started back in 2012...
After some tough years I’ve become a full time pet photographer in 2018, so you’ll get to see some cute puppies and kittens 😃

*** Update year 5 ***

This year will be less strict than last year. I won't post daily but you'll still get plenty of Mr Spock pictures 😃

*** Update year 4 ***

After a slowdown in the second half of year 3, I plan to be fully back this year!

The challenge I've set for myself is that every picture will be taken on the day itself, so no fillers, and I will only use my Fujifilm X100T, with little to no processing.

*** Update year 3 ***

Since June 2014 I'm a volunteer in the Mentor Program ( http://365project.org/discuss/critique/22614/mentoring-system-part-ii)
I love to help people make images they can be proud of, so if anybody wants to be mentored, feel free to ask!

This year I'll work with self imposed monthly themes.

January: B&W
February: Technicolor
March: Manual settings
April: Toy photography
May: Olympus Pen E-P1
June: Abstract / ETSOOI
July: Summer holiday

*** Update year 2 ***

After uploading a picture of Spock every day in year 1, the subjects this year will be more diverse.

*** Update year 1 ***

Year 1 was Mr Spock's diary. Mr. Spock is a 9 year old miniature pincher that lives in Antwerp, Belgium together with his owner David and his parents.

Photography website: http://www.dd-photography.be
Facebook: http://facebook.dd-photography.be
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/daviddirkx

Pictures that made it to the popular page (since april 2013): http://alexisbirkill.com/365project/popularpage/getuserdetails.php?username=spock