The Face A Mother Can Only Try To Love by spuddy

The Face A Mother Can Only Try To Love

Continuing on from yesterday's editing exploits (thank you all for the kind favs and comments), I thought I'd try another duo-layer-colour-erasing-portrait exercise. Little bit frustrating that I wasn' sat entirely centrally in frame, and I'm sorry I didn't de-wrinkle my shirt, but hopefully you can all forgive me since the shirt is so badass :)
Indeed it is. All is forgiven.
October 6th, 2020  
This is great, a very dashing portrait. What do you use to process with such selectivity?
October 6th, 2020  
@carolinesdreams I would typically use Snapseed to edit on my phone but I used Corel photo paint on my laptop instead. I got the cartoon effect in the BG by running the photo thru Imaengine on my phone :)
October 6th, 2020  
@spuddy thanks. I like snapseed, haven’t tried the others. Fun to experiment.
October 6th, 2020  
@carolinesdreams does this mean you’ll be giving it a go? :)
October 6th, 2020  
This is very cool!
October 7th, 2020  
@spuddy I looked at imaengine, looks fun. I’d like to have something on the lappy for camera images, using picmonkey only atm.
October 7th, 2020  
@carolinesdreams I’m not familiar with picmonkey but I think most basic softwares are pretty good these days. I used to have gimp and that was very user friendly.
October 7th, 2020  
This just made me laugh
October 9th, 2020  
How the heck did I miss this one? I must have been...out. This makes me smile, your shirt is totally rad!
October 11th, 2020  
Ha ha
I must learn more about layers and all that composite stuff...I love it but get distracted when trying to get into it...
October 13th, 2020  
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